MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC endringer til det bedre

MES Interface IT for the iQ Platform provides direct connectivity from the shop floor to business systems such as Oracle, DB2 etc.

Telit deviceWISE is an enterprise-grade platform for the industrial Internet of Things. Mitsubishi Electric and Telit (formerly ILS Technology) have a longstanding collaboration on connecting production machines and processes with enterprise systems and applications across virtually any database, message queuing and application server system available, including IBM, SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft. The deviceWISE technology is seamlessly integrated with the MES Interface IT for the IQ Platform to help companies improve operational efficiencies and create business innovation around collaboration and predictive maintenance models.

The integrated MES/deviceWISE solution is transforming manufacturing, energy and natural resources, transportation and retail transaction management with improved connectivity, real-time data and advanced analytics that increase performance, reliability and competitiveness within factories, remote locations and across the entire supply chain. Leading companies rely on deviceWISE for real-time data analytics on preventive and efficient business practices by detecting, analyzing and automating business processes around the data from the Industrial Internet of Things.

Customers are using our proven MES Interface IT solution to make intelligent decisions and identify ways to:

  • Make operations leaner
  • Successfully manage the supply chain
  • Improve yield

The MES Interface IT helps businesses tap into the data they need quickly, efficiently and securely, so they can make more intelligent decisions and carve a clear path to efficiency, peak productivity and effective supply chain management.

What other customers are doing:

  • Track products for better efficiency
  • Improving inventory intelligence
  • Avoiding recalls by tracking components
  • Moving data without the need for programming
  • Protecting systems from failures by reducing at risk elements
  • Change recipes on the fly