MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC endringer til det bedre
Silverline produktene tilbys så lenge vi kan opprettholde tilgjengelighet på lager. Service og support tilbys opp til 7 år, på normal måte.

Guidline for oppgraderinger

When proven technologies become obsolete, e.g. when electrical components have reached their end of life, Mitsubishi Electric will provide a successor technology, being faster and even more reliable than before. To support the process of transition to the new technology, Mitsubishi Electric provides a set of software and hardware tools.

Silverline produkter

Silverline products are offered for as long as we can maintain stock availability. Service and support are offered for up to seven years after, in the normal way. Of course as many existing users know, Mitsubishi Electric puts great emphasis on backward compatibility - please be assured one of our highest design criteria is how we can preserve and protect the investment of our customers in our Factory Automation equipment.