Innovative solution to add Ethernet capability to third party PLCs, can be used in conjunction with Mitsubishi's MES IT technology to gain greater connectivity.

INTERFACE LINK for Siemens S7++: Import data into your MES the easy way

More flexibility – Less cost

As part of the iQ Platform, Mitsubishi’s MES IT module brings the best of IT and Factory Automation together into a single module which simply slots into your iQ PLC rack. This enabling technology opens up your shop floor devices to provide a flood of easily selectable real time data directly into your local or enterprise information systems and databases.

Quick and easy

One such device is the Siemens S7++ Interface from our e-F@ctory Alliance Partner, IBH Softec. This unique device enables you to control your PC using a VPN or a sorter, without an Ethernet card installed. This quick and easy solution is a cost effective way of getting information out of your Siemens PLC, without disturbing the existing installation.

Flexible solution

Instead of connecting S7 200®, S7 300® or S7 400® PLC’s to a PC via Ethernet, a more flexible solution is to use the IBH Link S7++ with a hub or switch or via a Crossover cable direct with your PC network card.

Simple configuration

The IBHNet driver enables you to gain direct variable access via standard programming languages like Visual Basic or Delphi. The configuration of the adaptor is very easy and normally done in a few minutes.

Programming and supported languages

Besides the programming capabilities, an application programming interface for HMI applications is also included.