MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC endringer til det bedre

C Controller based remote telemetry protocols

Including straton and zenon

Mitsubishi Electric has teamed up with COPA-DATA to provide the necessary level of seamless integration between its renowned automation hardware and COPA-DATA’s market leading control and visualisation products, including different telemetric protocols.

COPA-DATA is an innovation leader in industrial automation software. With knowledge and experience gained from over 80,000 installed systems across the globe. COPA-DATA is always setting standards and developing new solutions for improving automation and efficiency.

COPA-DATA’s straton software is a soft PLC that runs on Mitsubishi Electric’s C Controller, whilst zenon is an open-design, object orientated industrial HMI and Scada software package that is able to communicate directly with the iQ Platform.

The straton IEC 61131-3 kernel runs on the Mitsubishi C Controller. Inside the kernel, the variables from the different connected field devices, with their specific connection protocol are defined. That enables users to define a variable and configure it - for example an IEC-61850 variable or data from a field device and copy it to the Mitsubishi PLC. The reading and writing from the iQ Platform to this device is easily achieved via the protocol.

The benefit to the customer is the ability to use the wide range of protocols that are available through the COPA-DATA solution.

The combination of COPA-DATA’s experience, comprehensive protocol capabilities and the integrated hard and software solution from Mitsubishi’s iQ Platform enables customers across a wide range of applications to achieve seamless control of their remote telemetry applications.

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