MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

This Water management package is fully integrated with Mitsubishi Electric's GX IEC Developer and iQ Works control platform

ME-Automation Projects offers a control system for water management solutions with fully integrated support of GX IEC Developer and iQ Works from Mitsubishi Electric. The monitoring, operation and control of an industral plant is carried out by the control system. The process control system PMSX®pro has been designed to meet all of the requirements of availability, economy, expandability and flexibility. Its main features are a high level of simplification within the hardware and software and it comprises a system that has been trimmed to standardised automation equipment.

The integrated help function as well as powerful tools for diagnostics, simulation and quality assurance support the personnel in the process of efficient plant management.

Effective project management

In addtion to providing solutions for purification plants and drinking water plants, ME-Automation Projects also provides automation solutions for power plants and waste incineration plants, as well as forward-looking control technology and effective project management.

ME-Automation Projects