MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC endringer til det bedre
Målefunksjoner med stor nøyaktighet med MITSUBISHIs dedikerte ASIC: 3 digitale displayer og 1 stort stolpediagram sørger for 4 lettavleste verdier. Bredt spekter av utsignalfunksjoner som måledata og alarmer. Modbus- (som standard) og CC-Link-kommunikasjonsfunksjoner som støtter åpne nettverk.

Electronic Multi-Measuring Instrument

The ME96SS measures and displays all important values of a low voltage/medium voltage power distribution system. By optional plug-in modules, remote I/O’s and open network communication can be added. The remote I/O will be used for monitoring the MCCB or ACB status or can be used for energy counters. It provides full integration in a CC-Link or Modbus network and allows therefore energy reduction and optimization controlled by a PLC.

  • Compact sizes according to DIN
  • Easy to read display and simple to learn operation
  • Flexible to use and modular expandable

High performance and crystal clear display

  • High accuracy monitoring functions by our dedicated ASIC:Upper/lower limit monitoring up to 4 items, Harmonics monitoring, Measures import/export active energy
  • Easy to read display functions:4 items displayable, Backlight automatic off function
  • Wide range of output functions from measuring data to alarm:Output function for 7 items, Pulse width settable, Pulse output at 2 points, Analog output range settable
  • Communication functions to support open networks:ModBus communication, CC-Link communication
  • "High-tech, yet simple" operating functions:Simple settings, Simple operations