MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC endringer til det bedre
HMI-programvare som sørger for at GOT2000-funksjoner kan fungere på en vanlig PC eller en panel-PC.

A major benefit of GT SoftGOT2000 is that visualisation screens can be created independently of their final target platform, i. e. a hardware platform such as GOT2000 or a PC based platform such as GT SoftGOT2000.

GT SoftGOT2000 is a PC based HMI module within GT Works3. A further benefit of GT SoftGOT2000 is that it inherits the advanced simulation features of GT Works3. It can be simulated in a standalone configuration or in conjunction with GX simulator, linking both PLC and HMI simulation code for a true integrated approach.

  • Platform independent, screens created can be used for software-based HMIs or hardware based GOT HMIs.
  • Remote monitoring and operation by intranet LAN is possible.
  • E-mail support for alarms
  • Recording of historical Data in user-friendly formats
  • Communication with MELSEC PLCs via serial communication, USB (to System Q port), CC-Link IE PC card or Ethernet possible
  • Windows® and Microsoft® programs can be accessed from within GT SoftGOT2000.